What is PayPal?

Answering the question of an easy and simple way, it is an organization that provides the online payment service worldwide, this being an intermediary between a buyer and a seller.

Now you may ask, How does PayPal to be the middleman? or How does this process ?, I’ll explain below:
A seller to receive payments through PayPal that first have to register with them or is create an account and provide all the information you PayPal request, meet all the requirements and pass the checks they apply.

The same goes for the person who will not sell if it will not make payments, for example to buy something, then they have to go to and create your account to make payments and you enter the data requested PayPal.

When you have your PayPal account created are entering with your credentials and password, once you’ve entered your account is a profile menu, here we provide the means as you can make payments from which we enter a bank account, use cards credit or debit card.

If you use a credit card must have international coverage, also when you register a credit card or debit card you must instruct PayPal to activate the verification process is that PayPal makes a charge of $ 1.95 to your credit card and then have to check status of your card account to view PayPal transaction performed; in the description line of this transaction will be a 4-digit code which should target and enter your PayPal account, profile menu go to edit credit cards and look the card you have registered and have a choice of entering code check or something like that, you give click and you request the code you copied from your statement, you are entering das OK if everything is correct you indicate that the card has been verified you can use and will refund the money previously charged to your card.

Why PAYPAL makes this process?
It is simple, only the rightful owner of a credit card or debit card has access to this statement and to verify that you are the owner enter the 4-digit code that appears on the statement.

Is a little cumbersome first create an account but this process is what helps this system to have security.
Once you have activated your account and verified your payment means, is where the part of security and peace of mind that you PayPal is because if you want to buy an item on eBay you use your PayPal account and this will take care of taking money from your credit card, debit card or bank account and pay the seller without the need to give some information of your cards, making it a safe way to make payments and also taking the opportunity that if a problem occurs with the seller you can you communicate with the staff of PayPal you to provide support on this issue.

I personally only use PayPal and the seller must be registered and investigated by them, it gives me great security and confidence to make a payment, for any problems they’ll be there to help me fix the end consumer they are a not safe for the swindle.

Very different is the situation if you pay without using a system like PayPal, the risk is greatest that you cheated or robbed because there is no entity that will endorse and security to your information.

Now you wonder if this service has a cost, good for the user who is a consumer and will make payments does not cost anything to use, cost is a commission that charge to the seller for the transaction carried out, since it is the person receiving the payment.

So much for this post and I hope that somehow this information help them.

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