Best Pay Surveys – Everything You Need to Know.

Much you’ve heard, that the Internet can make money filling surveys and have also heard that’s a lie.
Well that’s the reason for this post to tell you and help you be clear that question we have when we want to obtain other revenues through an issue that is not clear, what is true and what is false.

PagoEncuesta And now the great answer to that question is yes; You can earn money by completing surveys, but there is one thing you should keep in mind that you will not get rich completing surveys, but fence that serves as an extra to our fixed income we have input.
The other interesting thing is that there are many companies that pay you via PayPal, as well as give you the option to get paid products, gift cards, I personally prefer to pay me money and look that can pay me via PayPal .

To start earning money filling surveys and if you are a beginner you have to know the following:

  1. You must be patient and not be desperate.
  2. You must be persevering as companies that handle these surveys, their systems have    many filter rules that make the beginning you are rejecting and not be suitable to fill them and that makes bother and you do not want to follow desmotives and more ; these filters must be because in internet there are always people who want to cheat filling surveys with useless information only for income and support the use of software to automate the filling of the questions.
  3. Search companies paying you through PayPal.
  4. You have to have a PayPal account confirmed, and write well in your profile if you misspell because you can lose your payment when you generate it.
    I recommend you subscribe to 5 or more survey companies to earn more income, or as in my case when one pays me, I’m missing another fill more to pay me.
  5. You must be clear that each of these companies, must come accumulate a certain amount for you disburse payments or redeem for gift cards or other products.
  6. You must be honest when you’re filling out surveys and not answer just to fill as you would reject the survey and lost time.
  7. You have to constantly update your profile, so you can get good surveys.
  8. You must not fill too quickly surveys and analyzing your time and can determine not analyze well just answer questions and fill and that would cause you to reject it and again lost time.

below you can see which companies that pay really.